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How Cyber Insurance Is Shaping the Cyber Protection Priority List

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The Risk Landscape is Changing in 2024

Forbes and Gartner have both rated risk management as a top priority for business leaders. This means quantifying your risk profile and going beyond the traditional focus on preventative measures and front-loaded due diligence to set your sights on strategies for resilience. 

Cybersecurity insurance plays a critical role in driving cyber resilience by providing a financial safety net and enabling organizations to transfer a portion of their risk. But the insurance marketplace is also shifting, and it can be difficult to navigate the rising premiums, requirements, and regulations.  

To truly achieve effective cyber resilience, organizations must be ready to adapt and adopt a comprehensive strategy that integrates cyber resilience, third-party risk management, and robust cyber insurance coverage.

In this 30-minute session, we’ll cover:  

  • How the risk management landscape is shifting in 2024 and real-world examples of how key security leaders are addressing the shift. 
  • The role of cybersecurity insurance in driving cyber resilience for your business, how to know if you have the right type of coverage for your operations, and how to handle rising premiums
  • Emerging cybersecurity trends and how they are affecting the risk and insurance market places. 

Panelists include industry experts:

  • Andres Franzetti: CEO and Co-Founder of Risk Cooperative
  • Jason Stein: VP, Cybersecurity, Telarus
  • Chaz Chalkley: VP, Channel and Strategic Partnerships

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