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Investment Firms and AI: Navigating New Challenges in Due Diligence, Risk Management & Cybersecurity

Investment Firms and AI Webinar 550x550 Post

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Watch experts from Dataprise & Drawbridge explore the critical adjustments investment firms must make in light of AI and Large Language Models’ evolving risks.

With a focus on actionable advise, this webinar:

  • Dived into the rapidly evolving impact AI and LLMs is having on due diligence, vendor risk management, and cybersecurity,
  • Outlined how and why updating strategies and policies is imperative; and
  • Challenged you to reconsider your current practices, pinpoint new vulnerabilities, and forge effective risk mitigation tactics, all while leveraging the advantages AI and LLM offer in the financial domain.

Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your firm against the dynamic backdrop of AI advancements.

Our speakers

  • Stephen Jones, Vice President, Cybersecurity at Dataprise
  • Simon Eyre, CISO at Drawbridge
  • Mary Beth Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer at Dataprise

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