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Delivering 24×7 System Monitoring and Alert Response to an International Retailer

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Discover how Dataprise Provided a Large, International Retailer with 24×7 System Monitoring and Alert Response in this Success Story

The Challenge

The wireless activation department within a large, international retailer needed assistance implementing a 24×7 monitoring and alert response strategy for their proprietary e-commerce platform. This single, unified platform integrates all operational phases of selling and activation of their wireless services and devices, and serves as the backbone of the company’s operations.

Concerns existed regarding the overall performance, including unwanted performance degradation. They sought a partner to monitor their system 24×7, as well as track and report all incoming alerts. More critically, they needed remediation process management. Monitoring this platform would be crucial to the company’s continued success as they prepared to further expand their e-commerce operations.

The Solution

Dataprise was able to get up to speed very quickly. Within three weeks, we fully adapted our Network Operations Center (NOC) to fit their requirements with all of the necessary tools and protocols.

Within a month, our NOC was providing live monitoring and alert response, day and night. In the event of a network alert, our team began immediately with the remediation process, coordinating and tracking all parties, managing and providing efficient resolutions, and delivering detailed reports. Ultimately, this helped our client identify opportunities to improve response efficiency, conduct a root cause analysis, and minimize future system downtime.

What’s Happening Today?

As a result of our diligent and effective approach to system monitoring, the client has dramatically reduced downtime on its e-commerce system and addresses operational issues before they affect mission-critical services. With a now stable network, they have been able to expand their e-commerce operations.

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