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National Trust for Historic Preservation Finds a True Partner In Dataprise


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When the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) engaged Dataprise their servers and technical environment were highly unstable. Servers going down on a weekly basis had become the organization’s “normal.” Dataprise came on board with the objective of stabilizing the environment, assisting with a complete office move, and providing strategic guidance and a roadmap to lead NTHP forward.

Our infrastructure was basically in shambles… we employed Dataprise to come in and be our partner… people are now used to a very stable and reliable environment.

Vice President, Information Technology

Goals for Working with Dataprise

Stabilize the Network Infrastructure

Reducing network downtime to ensure NTHP employees are able to devote their time and energy to the organization’s cause instead of to their IT environment.

Minimize Operation Costs

As a mission-oriented nonprofit, NTHP seeks to minimize their operating costs as much as possible, in order to devote the most funding to their cause-related projects.

Establish Reliable Phone Service

Reliable telephony services are essential to coordinate a wide-spread branch system.

Secure the Network & Protect Company Assets

Ensure NTHP’s constituent member information and network systems are as protected as possible.

I have peace of mind. I sleep easier and it allows me to concentrate on being more of a strategic director rather than having to worry about the everyday tasks at hand.

Vice President, Information Technology

Challenges & the Dataprise Solutions

Challenge #1: Office Move

NTHP sought to relocate their national headquarters to a new building after 40 years at their previous location. The new office was to be custom-designed with improved flow to meet NTHP’s operating needs.

Solution #1

Due to the scope of NTHP’s needs during the move, Dataprise assigned a dedicated team, including certified Project Management Professionals and resources certified in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the technology industry’s leading process improvement methodology.

The team oversaw communications with NTHP and key vendors and coordinated Dataprise internal resources and scheduling to ensure the right skill sets were engaged at the right time. The team produced a complete project plan and provided hands-on management of the move process to ensure timing, budget, and functionality goals were met. The move was completed ahead of schedule and with minimal downtime.

Challenge #2: Stabilizing the Network Infrastructure

NTHP’s servers and network infrastructure experienced frequent downtime and operated at low efficiency, negatively affecting the organization’s productivity and ability to serve their cause.

Solution #2

Dataprise stabilized NTHP’s network by installing Active Directory, migrating the organization’s email services to Office 365, and consolidating their server data at the Dataprise colocation facility with HyperV devices. These actions ensured that NTHP had access to their data and email without overburdening aging on-site hardware, as well as improved the efficient performance of the remaining hardware.

Challenge #3: Establishing a Reliable Phone System

NTHP was constantly struggling with their phone system’s reliability. Phones would lose connection frequently, disrupting NTHP’s day-to-day work and causing frustrations throughout the business.

Solution #3

We implemented a phone system solution that allowed for greater reliability and productivity throughout their remote offices, historic sites, and field offices across the nation while remaining scalable to their needs. With features such as four digit dialing, their new phone system’s ease of use has made a more connected and collaborative workforce.

Challenge #4: Security

NTHP was concerned about the security of their network and data. Their Board undertook an initiative to study their security approach and improve any gaps that were found in protecting constituent member information and ensuring that systems were secure.

Solution #4

We introduced NTHP to our wide range of security services. Dataprise is an experienced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and provides service from a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and 24×7 coverage from our Security Operations Center (SOC) as part of our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) program. Our vCISO provides security consulting by fully understanding internal needs and the progress of the ongoing security services. Through SIEM and the actions of the Dataprise SOC, NTHP’s systems are continually monitored and any threats receive immediate response.

What’s Happening Today?

We continue to serve as NTHP’s trusted strategic advisor. In the time since the office move, our partnership has expanded and Dataprise serves in several capacities in the client organization, including strategic planning, security services, large-scale IT projects, and assistance with day-to-day IT operations.

Through targeted prioritization of system refreshes and process improvements, the NTHP IT department has seen a drastic reduction in the number of trouble tickets (over 50%), a five-year strategic plan has been put into motion, and a newly established security program is already bearing fruit in the way of increased confidence and transparency.

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