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Law Firm Receives a Powerful IT Upgrade Aligned with Its Business Objectives

Powerful IT Upgrade

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The Challenge

A 95-person law firm in Washington, DC was taking on a growing number of document-intensive cases.

The firm needed a robust document management solution to organize and archive critical documents for client cases, and wanted to determine whether their existing network infrastructure would support the new application.

Additionally, most of their hardware was out of warranty, the network had insufficient bandwidth and storage capacity, and servers were running operating systems no longer supported by the manufacturer.

The Dataprise Solution

Dataprise conducted an assessment of the network and determined that the existing infrastructure was not adequate to support such a modern document management system. We designed a network upgrade plan based on the firm’s primary objectives – build a new IT infrastructure powerful enough to support the latest document management systems, while providing the necessary data security demanded by legal regulations.

Using a combination of virtual server technology and Dataprise cloud-based services, we were able to provide a comprehensive solution that would support the firm’s changing IT needs – not just for the short term, but for many years to come.

Here is a quick synopsis of technologies used:

  • Server Virtualization provided a newer, flexible server infrastructure that allowed them to add, remove, and customize servers as needed
  • A Storage Area Network (SAN) provided scalable storage to support the virtual servers and more robust capacity for the growing document library
  • Dataprise provides Office 365’s powerful email and collaboration services, as well as secure email archiving to comply with their email retention requirements

The new network design and subsequent overhaul enhanced their operational productivity by creating a highly adaptable (and now reliable) foundation to work on. The virtual servers provided the ideal framework for supporting the latest document management systems; dramatically improving service capabilities for the internal staff, and in turn – their staff are now able to provide drastically improved service to their clients.

What’s Happening Today?

The law firm has continued its growth. Dataprise currently manages a mixture of over 25 physical and virtual servers, and provides 24×7 network monitoring. Today, we have truly become their trusted IT partner – their Virtual CIO – and help them make not only technology decisions but better business decisions so they can win with IT.

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