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For Foulger-Pratt, Dataprise is More than Just a Managed Service Provider - We're a Partner

Dataprise's Managed IT Services Provide Winning IT Support and Instill Confidence in Our Clients 

For Foulger-Pratt, a Real Estate development firm located in Rockville, MD, Dataprise has been their go-to IT partner since 2015. Through our innovative and effective IT solutions, we are able to provide customized support and help Foulger-Pratt win with IT through 24x7 Help & Support Desk services, Data Center Migration and vCIO services. Is your business looking for managed IT services and IT support? Explore the interview below and when you're ready, contact us for more information on how we can help you win with IT.

"The depth of 
knowledge, depth of 
resources - [Dataprisehas so many subject matter experts that 
can support just about anything we can throw at them." 

- Toby Cooper,
Director of 
Information Technology

What Prompted Foulger-Pratt to Consider Dataprise for Their Managed Services and Support?

"Foulger-Pratt used to have an internal IT staff, and they found that it was challenging to keep the level of talent and resources that we needed to support the business with the additional applications and requirements for the business.

Looking at a company like Dataprise... we knew with confidence that they were going to be able to take care of all of our systems and needs as well as our user needs. Within the first 90 days of uh supporting Foulger-Pratt, Dataprise not only took over our daily operational needs for the help desk and back end system support, they also helped us with a data center migration and they moved our corporate headquarters. We were definitely in a situation where we could have looked at a catastrophic loss of data."

During Your Transition to Dataprise as Your Managed Service Provider, What was the Experience Like?

"The engineers and project team at Dataprise rose to the occasion. They really did save the day for us during that transition. Shut systems down on a Friday afternoon, and once again we were up and running on Monday morning. Dataprise is definitely a business partner that we are able to count on and rely on for all of our transitional needs."

"The engineers and project 
team at Dataprise rose to the occasion.They really 
did save the day."

- Toby Cooper,
Director of Information Technology

"...We have the confidence
that we are going to be successful, on a daily basis."

- Toby Cooper,
Director of Information Technology

Why Do You View Dataprise as a Business Partner?

"Anytime we had something that we need to have done, folks from Dataprise were here to help us out. Dataprise helped us with our infrastructure, and building out that new space for the business we built for the future. So having a business partner that’s gonna help us out and take us down that road, and we have the confidence that we are going to be successful, on a daily basis."