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Dataprise Leverages IT Experience to Solve the Unique Technology Challenges of The Ivymount School

The Winning IT Services Dataprise Offers The Ivymount School Instills Confidence in Our Partner and Strengthens their Infrastructure.

The Ivymount School, a special education school in the Washington, DC metro-area, has partnered with Dataprise since 2013. Through our partnership, we are able to provide Ivymount with IT services including our signature managed services plan, Support365®,  IT consulting (vCIO services), network consulting, managed workstation as well as project engineering and remote backup services.  

Is your business facing unique IT challenge and considering partnering with a managed IT service provider? Explore the interview below and when you're ready, contact us for more information on how we can help you win with IT.

"There is no issue too
small, or too large for them [Dataprise] to come in and handle." 

- Warren Stevens,
IT Manager 

What Makes the Partnership between The Ivymount School and Dataprise So Special?

"The special thing about Dataprise, as I said, is the hands-on approach. And the professionalism they exemplify. The constant contact, the constant updating of any issue. "

What Are Some of the Unique Qualities Dataprise Possesses that Have Helped You Succeed?

"Some of the unique qualities about Dataprise come with their direct, hands-on approach. We feel comfortable that if something happens at 2 o'clock in the morning we will be contacted by the monitoring team and [they] will make things work for us the next morning by the time we come to work."

"We have problems that 
you don't normally see.
[Dataprise] steps out beyond the network to address [IT] issues with staff members - which is awesome."

- Warren Stevens,
IT Manager