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MidCap Financial Trusts in Dataprise for Managed IT Services & Support

What winning IT Services Does Dataprise Provide to MidCap Financial?

In our interview with David Moore, CFO of MidCap Financial, we discovered how MidCap Financial wins with IT through through the following Dataprise services: Strategic IT Consulting, 24X7 Help & Support Desk, On-site Network Consulting, Colocation and Workstation Server Management. Watch the interview above, or explore our conversation below. Are you looking for managed IT services and IT support? Contact us for more information

"They didn't come in &
try to sell me on the Cadillac
service when we didn't need that.
As we moved forward, they moved me up the product suite & we took on more services from Dataprise & more support."

- David Moore,
Chief Financial Officer

Initially, Why Did MidCap Financial Need IT Support from Dataprise?

"We knew we needed help we just didn’t know who to get it from. We know how to run our business but in terms of the support and the technology and the data and the systems we were lost.

Dataprise came in initially and said we can be your buying service, for your laptops and desktops, and we can help with sign on security, which is very important to us, we have a lot of data to protect, and we can do the basics for you and then we’ll go from there."

What is the Impact of Working With Dataprise as Your Managed IT Service Provider?

"It is critically important to get along with people and understand first of all your work ethic and when you ask them to do something, they take it seriously. And our guys do that right, our guys being our Dataprise guys, have continually stayed longer hours than we expect, they behave as if they are MiCap employees, and so that has an impact. We’re dependent upon IT, It’s critical to our winning and Dataprise is as good as it gets."

"We're dependent upon IT. 
It's critical to our winning
and Dataprise is as good as it gets"

- David Moore,
Chief Financial Officer
"I would absolutely
recommend Dataprise to both startups & large, established businesses. (Dataprise) has a particular expertise in helping companies grow..."

- David Moore,
Chief Financial Officer

Would You Recommend Dataprise's Managed IT Services & Support?

"Dataprise has given us the confidence that we don’t have to worry about our information. The Dataprise team has said to me, you have a lot to worry about, and we don’t want you to worry about the integrity or the safety of your data.

Whether it’s one of your servers in your headquarters office or whether it’s the ability to be able to remote dial in from a satellite office, or whether it’s our collocated servers, we have been satisfied with the level of servers and the support we get from Dataprise. So I would absolutely recommend Dataprise, to both startups and large established business, I think you have a particular expertise in helping companies grow throughout their life cycle."