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National Trust for Historic Preservation Trusts in Dataprise for Managed IT Services & Support

Through A Strategic IT Partnership with Dataprise, the National Trust for Historic Preservation Benefits from a Stable, Reliable Environment.

In our interview with Susan Lattanzi, Sr. Director of Information Technology at the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP), a non-profit organization based in Washington DC,  we discover how NTHP turned to Dataprise in 2012 to clean up their infrastructure. Now, NTHP trusts in Dataprise for the following IT services: Information Security Services, vCISO, as well as On-site and Remote Network Services.

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"With my vCISO, 
he's my right-hand man. We 
collaborate and discuss everything that happens within the organization." 

- Susan Lattanzi,
Sr. Director, Information Technology

Initially, Why Did NTHP Need IT Support from Dataprise?

"Dataprise has been working with us for probably the last four and a half years. When I started with the organization our infrastructure was basically in shambles. My job coming in was to clean it up and make it stable again. With that, we employed Dataprise to come in and be our partner."

"It's been a long road, but people are now used to a very stable, and reliable environment. With my vCISO, he's my right-hand. Basically, we collaborate and discuss everything that happens within the organization. We talk about what the budget is, what the plan is and what the best technology is to solve the problem and give us what we need."

When Did You Get Started with Information Security Services from Dataprise?

"We actually had a board initiative this past year to start looking into security. Security this day and age is such a big deal and every day people are getting hit. It's not basically if you get hit, it's going to be when."

"Dataprise has done a great job. We're young in the development of the security plan, but with what we have done thus far they said that we were in actually really good shape. But we needed to expand on it. And so with that, I worked with my CISO to create a strategic plan for the next year and-a-half to implement this security initiative to get us to a place that we feel that we could bring another assessment in and pretty much pass it with flying colors."

"People expected things to go down. They literally expected things to happen 2-3 times a week. For me, as an information technology director, it makes my job so much easier because i'm not being called at all hours of the day and night saying that we're having system problems. People can do their work. It's very rare that we get emergency-type phone calls."

"It makes my job so much easier...people can do their work 
and it's very rare that we get emergency-type phone calls."

- Susan Lattanzi,
Sr. Director, Information Technology
"One of the best 
things about having the simple
SOC services is the fact that I have peace of mind...It allows me to focus on being a strategic director."
- Susan Lattanzi,  Sr.
 Director, Information Technology

What Are the Benefits of Having a Dataprise vCISO?

"One of the benefits of working with a CISO is the fact that they explain the threat landscape. Therefore, I can go back and explain it to our people in a clear and streamlined way so that people understand it.

Whether it’s one of your servers in your headquarters office or whether it’s the ability to be able to remote dial in from a satellite office, or whether it’s our collocated servers, we have been satisfied with the level of servers and the support we get from Dataprise. So I would absolutely recommend Dataprise, to both startups and large established business, I think you have a particular expertise in helping companies grow throughout their life cycle."