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Time Out Group Trusts in Dataprise for Managed IT Services & Support

What winning IT Services Does Dataprise Provide to Time Out Group?

In our interview with Group IT Director Simon Chappell, we discover how Time Out Group wins with IT through our Project Services, Carrier Services, and Onsite Consulting. Watch the interview above, or explore our conversation below. Are you looking for managed IT services and IT support? Contact us for more information.

"So definitely across the
 IT estate, whether it be networks 
or servers, [Dataprise has] helped 
us to deliver a robust and resilient architecture and infrastructure." 
- Simon Chappell,
Group IT Director

How Has Dataprise Helped Time Out Group Win?

"Dataprise has been very proactive in helping us deliver on something, even if it’s just to manage the expectations and manage the risk, and say, look, this is great, it could be better, but this fits with your budget and we can help you deliver it."

"What we found is with working with the Dataprise team as a whole, having somebody on the ground that worked with us regularly on a day to day basis we were able to change some of the infrastructure, [and] we were able to consolidate from some of the existing infrastructures that we had in London. And by imparting our information [and] our knowledge in London back to the Dataprise guys, we made sure that the two solutions sort of grew in parallel."

How Has Your Relationship with Dataprise Grown?

"Initially in our relationship with Dataprise, we had one person on site, and they came in for one or two days a week, just to sort of supplement..."

"We had to have somebody that supported the Mac environment, more so in the US than it was in the UK at the time. Over in Europe they were very much Mac [oriented], and Dataprise has had a huge amount of experience on the Mac side, and we needed to consult [them] on the server architectures, and they had all the quick-wins."

"[Dataprise is] now a firm 
extension of the IT team
in London and working hands-on
with everything US-related."

- Simon Chappell,
Group IT Director