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Client Testimonial: ARDX

At Dataprise, we strive to provide our clients with harmonious experiences with their IT. In this success story, Mike Alexander, Senior Director of IT at ARDX, shares how Dataprise provides best-in-class service Managed Services that allow ARDX to focus on what they specialize in - Healthcare.

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“ARDX is focused on health equity, seven determinants of health, making sure that every individual can get that service for their health. So from a day-to-day perspective, what Dataprise does for ARDX is they make sure that when I walk in in the morning, my PC works and all the applications I need to get to do my job are functional.”

Mike Alexander, Senior Director, IT, ARDX

A Phenomenal Move

This year we did an office move and we engaged multiple people. We had local people, of course the internet providers had to be there. Dataprise helped us take several of our key applications during that move and put them into the cloud. Dataprise helped us set that up, connect people to it and make sure it works. That was phenomenal. When the move was complete, ARDX started to focus on strategies and part of that was the move to the cloud. Dataprise is continuing to help ARDX move things forward to the cloud.

One of the things that ARDX didn’t have that they needed was more extensive security. “We engaged Dataprise’s security services and SOC as well as security training services. We’re able to get monitoring, IPS and IDS, which some of the clients that we support require. We are now able to do that and track that.”

A False Positive

ARDX had a security alert that turned out to be a false positive but the experience showcased the value of having Dataprise’s security team by their side.

“What happened is there was a security alert and very quickly a response came back into me saying, “Hey, this looks like this may be something you should be concerned about. We’re concerned about it. Can you tell us what it is? Can you do some research on your side? We’re doing research on our side.” And as a team, we went after it, found it was a false positive and Dataprise closed that incident out.”

ARDX didn’t have that level of cyber service before. And when [false positive security incident] came to light, the professionalism, the process we went through, the incident response was perfect and we closed it out. I can bring that up in ARDX and say, see, this is exactly what this service provides. So that it’s a real case that the executive team can see was really important.

The Face of End User Support

Dataprise, that’s what our end user base sees, that’s what ARDX end-user base sees and is the most customer forward. We can have Dataprise’s team work with those individuals and quite frankly, not have to worry about it.

My peace of mind, that’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve seen. I don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t know how you find the talent that is professional, that are personable and they don’t scare people because all they do is talk technology. They’re able to actually focus on the person’s issue and the functional issue and solve the technical problem.

Making the Right Choice

When we did our best and final selection, there were two companies. There were certain parameters we were looking for. We wanted it to be a bigger company than we had worked with in the past. We were looking for a little bit more scale because we were trying to scale and we wanted to make sure that could happen. All that to me was that whole word partner.

No one was hiding behind. No one was saying, “Oh, this is a service.” People were very willing to talk to me openly and honestly, and that was hugely important to us and that’s probably the main differentiator between everybody else. It was that the personalities, the professionalism, and yes, it’s all technology, but it really isn’t about technology. It’s about the people.

You can count on it being a people driven experience, which is what service is.

Mike Alexander, Senior Director, IT, ARDX

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