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Continuous Process Improvement

The Dataprise Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Model

The Dataprise CPI Model: Based on the ITIL® framework

What is ITIL® Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services. ITIL® advocates that IT services must be aligned to the needs of the business and underpin the core business processes. It provides guidance to organizations on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth. One of the fundamental attributes of ITIL® involves transposing key IT-related undertakings into repeatable processes and activities. Essentially, the ITIL® framework provides you with the platform to work smarter — not harder

7 Ways Dataprise and ITIL® Can Help Improve Your Organization

The long-term health of any business depends upon alignment of a well-functioning IT process with business objectives, while the consequences of a poorly functioning IT process can be dire. 

By adapting the ITIL® framework into our own tested and proven processes, Dataprise is already helping many organizations perform well — even under challenging economic conditions. The most significant results are being seen in the following areas: 

1. Improved visibility and control:

Achieving end-to-end visibility and control of your IT environment also requires the ability to see every aspect of your IT environment from the business and service levels down to the component level — including all the relationships and dependencies in between. ITIL® methodology is applicable to both global businesses running the latest and greatest technology, and smaller organizations that may be running older systems on a smaller scale.

2. Greater integration with business objectives:

Achieving end-to-end visibility and control of your IT environment also requires the ability to see every aspect of your IT environment from the business and service levels down to the component level — including all the relationships and dependencies in between.

3. Increased focus on continual process & service improvement:

The Dataprise Continual Process Improvement Model (CPI) helps you clearly define, measure, and enable you to control the services that your IT assets provide throughout your entire organization. With IT departments (or person in charge of IT) under increasing pressure to provide better performance and efficiency to all parts of the business, our methodology takes into account the evolving needs of your business and your customers — and how business changes impact IT.

4. Improved visibility and control:

We can help you improve operational efficiency by examining your processes and objectives and identifying targeted areas for improvement. ITIL® recommends that you set clear goals, define a process improvement road map, and not necessarily expect to fix everything at once. Dataprise can help you develop a business case for future activities on the basis of the results from prior and current activities. We can help you determine the ROI and value on investment (VOI) so far, as well as the anticipated ROI and VOI of future improvements. This will help you prioritize IT projects according to what will create the most business value.

5. Greater agility:

We understand that agility is important to your business and you must be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions to remain competitive. Dataprise utilizes the ITIL® process of release management, for example, which makes it possible to successfully manage the release of new software and hardware into an environment. Using a mature release process, combined with automation, we can reduce the implementation time of such a release from weeks to minutes, while also reducing error probability. 

Using Dataprise’s service resource planning solutions we can arm you with a higher-level of understanding and strategic insights that enable you to make better, faster, and more fully informed decisions about your capabilities and resources.

6. Increased proactivity:

Utilizing the ITIL® methodology of problem management, our goal is to prevent the occurrence or minimize the impact of errors, incidents, and issues within your IT infrastructure. Typical problem management activities include identifying, investigating, and eliminating or minimizing the problem by addressing the root cause or developing a reasonable workaround.

7. Improved communication:

The single biggest issue every organization seems to identify is communication — or rather the lack of it — both within IT and between IT and the business. This lack of communication can result in duplication of effort, poor decision making, higher risk of failed changes, and poor alignment between the business and IT. 

Traditionally, IT organizations have become accustomed to thinking about organizational structure in terms of “silos,” departments, or functional areas. Communication, organizational collaboration, and teamwork breaks down when information doesn’t flow easily from one area to another.

The Dataprise Continual Process Improvement Model helps to address these communication gaps because they cut across multiple functional areas, using resources, information, and people to achieve a specific goal.

Why you need a Dataprise ITIL® Certified vCIO or Program Manager for your business:

Here is a quick example. When a customer calls into our 24x7 help desk support center staffed with ITIL® certified consultants & engineers, we ensure that the user experience is standardized and professional — 100% of the time. We place a distinct focus on ensuring that our consultants/engineers ask the right set of questions, and obtains the right amount of detail which allows for quicker and more accurate issue resolution — and a seamless experience for our customers (and/or their customers).

Employing Dataprise’s years of IT expertise alongside ITIL® best practices will help you strategize and manage your IT investments. We will help you not only by justifying and cutting costs, but assist you with integrating information technology more seamlessly into your total organizational objectives — while improving the overall quality and speed of your service delivery. 


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