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Top Considerations That Drive Organizations to Look at Azure

By: Dataprise

Top Considerations That Drive Organizations to Look at Azure

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61% of businesses migrated some of their workloads to the cloud in 2020. Hybrid work has showed no signs of slowing down, and organizations are turning to the cloud for security and data protection within their organizations.

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud solutions that help businesses reduce risk, improve IT economics, and accelerate growth. Yet, too often the perceived complexity of Azure hinders organizations from capitalizing on its full potential. Let’s explore 3 key considerations that are driving organizations today to look at Azure.

Achieve Business Goals Faster

One of the main selling points of Azure is the agility and global reach it offers organizations which helps them reach their business goals. Some of the largest roadblocks organizations face include adapting to hybrid work, reducing IT costs, and increasing asset availability.

Check out how Azure alleviates roadblocks and allows organizations achieve their goals faster.

From Capital Expenditures to Operating Expenses

Another of the considerations, especially with CFOs, is how Azure cloud transitions and sets your cloud up to be an operating expense as opposed to a capital expenditure. As an operating expense, there is less of a risk of over-provisioning, as your organization can build and scale to use key resources only as needed. This allows for predictability of monthly IT recurring costs, which is important: when you can predict your costs, you can predict your cash flow.

The Breadth of the Azure Portfolio

One of the most obvious selling points of Azure is the integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, as the toolsets are seamless and are continuously developing and growing. Our experts haven’t seen any applications or workloads that can’t be put into Azure to make them more effective, run faster, service  users at a large volume, or scale quickly.

Check out this chart that shows how much is available in today’s Azure portfolio. 

Where to Start

How do you know where and when your organization needs to start?

Your internal stakeholders should have a conversation about moving to the cloud if any of the following are being considered:

  • If you have aging hardware/software or in need of a platform upgrade
  • If you are adding new applications
  • If you are expanding the business (new offices, office relocations, etc.)
  • If you are deploying Disaster Recovery

At Dataprise, as a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we have architected and deployed Azure cloud solutions for over two decades and have a proven framework for your cloud journey. 

Feel like continuing the conversation? Feel free to give us a call at 888-519-8111

Watch the "Why Embracing Azure is Crucial to your Business" webinar.


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