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Considerations When Moving To a Managed Cloud Solution

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Considerations When Moving To a Managed Cloud Solution Watch the informative on-demand webinar as we discuss the key considerations to remember when moving to a managed cloud solution. With businesses increasingly moving to the cloud, it’s essential to understand the steps necessary to make this transition successful. During this recording, our experts covered the critical…

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Why Recovering From a Cloud Environment is Stress-Free 

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Recently, cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Studies from Statista show cloud computing is estimated to save businesses up to 81% in hardware costs and 77% in software costs. Cloud environments provide a cost-effective way for businesses to process, store, and access data, software, and other computing resources over the internet. A key…

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How Managed Mobility Services Integrate with the Cloud to Drive Cost Savings

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Managed Mobility Services (referred to as MMS), when integrated with the cloud, can be a game changer for organizations of all sizes looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Zippia surveyed and found that 80% of companies believe mobile devices are necessary for their employees to do their jobs. With the growing number of mobile…

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Strengthening Healthcare Data Security with Cloud Environments

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It’s no secret that since March 2020, healthcare organizations have had to pivot organizational strategies to deal with the impact of COVID-19. In 2021, the Health Service Executive of Ireland was impacted by a major ransomware incident, which shut down all its IT systems nationwide. Several hospitals could not access electronic systems and records of…

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How Cloud Infrastructure Enables Greater Business Continuity

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According to Zippia, by 2025, there will be an estimated 175 zettabytes of stored data on the cloud – a 61% increase from today! Organizations are seeing the benefits of migrating their environments to the cloud, as the hybrid workplace grows, the model is able to provide more predictive costs and additional layers of security.…

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3 Necessary Steps for a Painless Cloud Migration 

3 Necessary Steps for a Painless Cloud Migration Blog 550x550 PostImage

  So, your organization has decided to take the plunge and do away with (at least partially) on-premise, legacy infrastructure and migrate data to modern infrastructure in the cloud. You may be wondering where to start or what steps to present your team with to move forward. This week, we will share 3 steps for…

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2023 is the Year for Organizational Cloud Adoption: 4 Key Statistics Why

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According to Statista, public cloud services end-user spending has jumped from $145 billion in 2017 to $490 billion in 2022. The consistent year-after-year rise is because cloud infrastructure allows businesses to access computing resources on demand, without the need to maintain their physical infrastructure. In this week’s blog article, we will review trends in cloud…

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