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Dataprise PROUDLY Supports These Incredible LGBTQ+ Organizations

By: Dataprise

Dataprise PROUDLY Supports These Incredible LGBTQ

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At Dataprise we believe diversity makes us stronger and we are proud to be celebrating our LGBTQ+ Prisers throughout Pride Month (and beyond!). June is an opportunity to commemorate the impact of LGBTQ+ people on our history, celebrate accomplishments and our diversity, and acknowledge that we still have much to accomplish in the fight against inequality.

This year for Pride Month we are supporting the following six organizations whose great work is critical to forward progress. We encourage you to take a moment to learn more about these national and local organizations, their great work and how you can get involved.

On the national front, the Human Rights Campaign, GLADD and The Trevor Project are making a significant impact through lobbying, education and support:

  1. Human Rights Campaign: the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group and LGBTQ+ political lobbying organization in the United States.
  2. GLADD: works through entertainment, news, and digital media to share stories from the LGBTQ+ community that accelerate acceptance.
  3. The Trevor Project: the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ+) young people under 25.

Giving and advocating close to home is a powerful way to drive change on a local level. That is why we are supporting the following three regional organizations that operate in core regions where Dataprise has offices.

  1. Ali Forney Center (NYC): the largest LGBTQ+ community center helping LGBT homeless youth in the United States.
  2. Whitman Walker Foundation (DC): a community-centered organization committed to advancing social justice and equality through health.
  3. Latinos Salud (Florida): provides client-centered, culturally competent health education and integrated preventive, screening, and linkage services to reduce the burden of communicable diseases and improve health outcomes.

Finally, to bring home the importance of Pride month we will leave you with quotes from a few fantastic ‘Prisers on what Pride means to them.

“To me Pride means being able to express oneself, and celebrating diversity and equality for all.” – Susan, Cybersecurity Analyst

“Having the courage to be authentic and live my truth. The opportunity to be vulnerable and honest about who I am. Pride month is the time of year where our community shows the world that we are worthy of respect and recognition.” – Brittany, Senior Business Intelligence Developer

Learn more about Dataprise’s DEI Commitment HERE.

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