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Get Ahead of the Curve with SQL Server 2016

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Recently, Microsoft released SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC) 3. And, while it is currently in a preliminary state, the whole nine yards of SQL Server 2016 will be readily available to businesses in the coming months.

But what can this new player do for your business? Here’s a sneak peak of how SQL Server 2016 can help your business win with IT:

1.     Enhanced Security

For the past 6 years, SQL Server has boasted the most secure database, and its newest edition continues that pattern of advanced security. By implementing SQL Server 2016, you receive features to protect your data that go above and beyond basic security patching. Its three newest advancements (Always Encrypted, Row-Level Security, and Dynamic Data Masking) focus on providing different levels of data protection in the platform and securing your business information.

2.     Increased Availability

If your business is unable to access its data for an hour, a day, maybe even a whole week, do you know how it would impact your business? SQL Server 2016 provides high uptime to help ensure your business has access to its mission-critical applications and data. Its improved “Always On Availability Groups” and “Always On Failover Cluster Instances” allow SQL Server 2016 to deliver more scalability and, therefore, more consistency and reliability for your business.

3.     Intensive Analytics and Reporting

SQL Server 2016 takes analytics and reporting to a whole new level. The enterprise-ready real-time Business Intelligence (BI) platform, built-in advanced analytics, and end-to-end mobile BI provide comprehensive solutions and deeper insights for your business to use for decision-making that leads to success.

Want to get ahead of the curve and discover the opportunities Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 can provide your business? Contact us today for a migration assessment to learn how SQL Server 2016 (or another upgrade option) can lead your business to success

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