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Seamless Cloud Transition: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

By: Kirk Savidis

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3 words – data is king. Businesses of all industries and sizes have had to restructure how their business operates to properly account for employees accessing confidential data on the go. Leaders are now finding themselves grappling with an increasingly complex data conundrum. How does one manage burgeoning data volumes while ensuring efficiency, security, and productivity? The answer lies in cloud technology and security. But exactly how do business owners achieve this, and more importantly, how do you pick a service provider right for your business? We won’t hold you up further, so lets dive in to the cloud migration tips to provide a seamless experience.

So, Why Migrate to the Cloud?

All organizations have unique infrastructure and requirements to fuel business growth. Every business is unique, and cloud technology offers businesses a flexible and scalable infrastructure. The technical definition of cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business elements from your on-premise computers to the cloud or transitioning them from one cloud environment to another.

As previously reported, cloud computing is estimated to save businesses up to 81% in hardware costs and 77% in software costs. By undergoing a migration, organizations can cut out unpredictable upkeep costs for predictable and reliable month-over-month statements.

On paper, migrating to the cloud might seem like a simple task, but it’s far from it. A successful cloud migration requires a deep understanding of your organization’s data needs, resources, and objectives. Like mentioned before, every organization and business situation is unique, so partnering to outsource your migration can relieve time and energy off your core IT team’s plate – leading to a seamless migration.

The Importance of Cloud Infrastructure Management Post-Cloud Migration

Cloud infrastructure management is a process of managing and organizing your cloud computing resources. It includes the technology, processes, and people that support the daily operations of cloud-based services. The goal of using cloud infrastructure management is to ensure that your business can take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud while avoiding any potential risks or pitfalls.

Why Cloud Infrastructure Management Matters

Cloud infrastructure management enables businesses to scale their IT operations more easily. This also allows for faster response times and improved performance, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Cloud infrastructure management also helps increase efficiency by reducing the number of manual tasks required to manage an organization’s IT systems. Automation tools can be used to simplify routine tasks such as provisioning servers, deploying code updates, and configuring networks, freeing up valuable time for more strategic work such as optimizing workloads or troubleshooting problems. This not only boosts productivity but also helps reduce costs associated with manual labor.

Finally, cloud infrastructure management provides a secure environment for data storage and transmission. Security protocols help protect sensitive information from cyber threats, while built-in redundancy ensures that data remains available even in the event of an outage or system failure. This helps organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations while providing peace of mind that their data is always safe and accessible.

Choosing the Best Cloud Migration Service Provider

Your business has decided to modernize the infrastructure and move in some capacity to the cloud. What’s the first step? Well, selecting the right cloud migration service provider is pivotal. This partner will be responsible for ensuring not only a smooth transition but also the security, accessibility, and efficient management of your data. At Dataprise, we’ve migrated thousands of clients to Azure. Azure Cloud migrations allow organizations to leverage their existing investments to gain further access to scalability.

Most importantly when examining a service provider, your organization should be prioritizing the specific needs and goals of the company to determine the best steps moving forward. Not all situations are the same, so looking for that personalized approach is critical.

A seamless cloud migration is more than possible; it’s achievable with the right cloud migration service provider. Here at Dataprise, we are a proven Microsoft partner with vast knowledge in various industries, to help your business make the best decision. Making the transition does not have to be daunting or disruptive. With the right partner, you can leverage the power of the cloud to drive your business forward. So, are you ready to take your data management to the next level?

Case Study: Florida Fish & Wildlife’s Journey to Azure with Dataprise

In 2019, the Florida state legislature passed the “cloud bill” (HB-5301), mandating that state agencies migrate from on-premises data centers to the cloud for their network infrastructure and telecom communication needs.

This meant that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would need to find a cloud partner that could help them modernize while also meeting the information technology needs of an important state entity. With Azure providing a platform that enabled them to build scalable websites and web workloads, and drive innovation for existing and future apps, as well as being Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant, Microsoft was the right choice. And Dataprise was the right partner for the migration.

“Dataprise AirNet is a Microsoft Gold Partner that we got through Microsoft to help us with our migration journey to the cloud, and they were integral to our success. We’re able to do more with less now because we’re able to optimize our resources. I feel good knowing that we’ve made this journey to migrate into Microsoft Azure to make sure that future generations are going to have a good environment,” said Glenda Atkinson, Chief Information Officer, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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