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IT Issues Companies Face in 2022

By: Dataprise

The Top 3 IT Challenges of 2022

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Every year IT departments across the country face new and old challenges alike, everything from managing staff budgets to projecting infrastructure needs. However, 2022 is presenting some very specific IT challenges related to tech talent staffing shortages and security. Today, we’ll look at how those obstacles are manifesting themselves and what you can do to successfully navigate them.

  1. Competition for Talent
  2. Skillset Gaps
  3. Cybersecurity

1. Competition for Talent

Some of the big names in tech are known for demanding a lot of time and attention from their employees. Companies like Google and Apple shell out serious salaries in return, but the work-life balance can quickly get skewed. Once an employee becomes burned out, they’re typically replaced with another bright up-and-comer who’s ready for the rollercoaster.

However, in 2022, the competition is really heating up, which is why we’re starting to see some unusual decisions from the major players. For instance, Apple just started issuing significant bonuses to some of their engineers so they’re less likely to defect to another organization.

Putting people on a vesting schedule that requires them to stay for four years is a sign that the mindset for this year is different than in the past. For smaller companies, the IT challenges and stakes to keep people are even higher. If they don’t have the budget, it would be easy to get priced out of the market entirely.

2. Skillset Gaps

The pandemic has caused so much of working life to shift, and the turbulence has resulted in a skill gap that companies are finding difficult to bridge. This is happening both internally, in that employers can’t find existing employees with enough expertise, and externally, in that there aren’t people to fill new positions.

Related to the competition for talent challenges, the crux of the skill chasm is that companies won’t have the staff they need to reach long-term goals. Implementing more complex digital transformations can easily take half a decade, and even experienced professionals can struggle with some of the messier details. Considering digital transformation has never been more in-demand than it is now (both for employees and clients), this tech talent gap isn’t sustainable.

3. Cybersecurity

More people online mean more cybercrime, a fact that millions discover every year. Last year saw a rise in hacking as more enterprises began migrating to the cloud. Today, most companies are trying to decide how they can best secure multiple devices, platforms, and applications with one cohesive cybersecurity strategy.

As they puzzle out potential strategies, hackers are becoming increasingly organized. They’re pooling resources to extort serious sums from companies and individuals alike. When so many companies are prone to paying ransom demands rather than trying to fight off nefarious individuals and groups, all signs point to increased crime in the future.

How an MSP Can Help

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) were created to help companies that face these IT issues. While they may not be able to fully replace in-house staff (who understand the company from the inside out), they can fill in a lot of the holes caused by the unique challenges of 2022.

When you opt for managed IT services, you get the benefit of paying for help when you need it. Hiring a reputable company also gives you access to vetted professionals with the IT certifications and expertise that you might not see in your current digital stack of applications.

If you can’t afford to compete in terms of benefits and you don’t require 40-hours a week from a full-time employee anyway, the right IT consulting company can fill the role. This ensures that your experienced employees won’t get stuck working on low-level tickets like password resets.

Even more importantly, an MSP can give you and your team the resources needed to make wide-scale changes to your infrastructure, network, or systems. For instance, the staff can be key to implementing blanket security controls that cause hackers to move on from your organization. They can show you how gaps in your system are affecting your profits.

A good MSP can provide honest, unbiased perspectives that only come from seeing countless other companies square off against countless roadblocks. Your company might be unique, but an experienced consulting team can mold their knowledge to suit the needs of the day and individual IT issues. Considering how 2022 is shaping up, there’s no better time to look outside the standard hiring process for a different kind of partner.

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