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Dataprise Information Security Symposium

WATCH: Highlights from 2016 Dataprise Information Security Symposium

“Security is NOT an IT problem…it’s a business resilience problem.” Tim Foley, Sr. Manager of Information Security and Strategic Consulting at Dataprise.

The 2016 Dataprise Security Symposium was designed to bring together decision makers and business leaders throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area to meet, network, and discuss their experiences, challenges, and solutions related to Information Security.

During this event our keynote speaker, special guest presenters, and the Dataprise security team discussed cutting-edge security technologies, the latest best practices, and proactive risk management approaches to keep organizations ahead of the curve.

Discussion Panel & Workshops

Information Security is more than just firewalls and antivirus software; protecting a network is a continuous process. As threats become more sophisticated, security measures must evolve. The Security Panel discussed the latest approaches on identification and elimination of vulnerabilities, implementation of best practice security policy, and practical experiences on all aspects of Information Security: Assess, Protect, Detect and Respond.

Identifying critical business assets and associated risks.
Protecting critical assets with proactive network security solutions.
Detecting network security events through continuous monitoring of the network.
Responding quickly to minimize the impact of network security events.

   WATCH NOW: Recorded Workshop Sessions


The best way to evaluate the security of your network is to compare your network security services to the latest recommendations and best practices from leading IT security resources. During the "Assess" Workshop session, we will debate how comprehensive assessments of network security can reveal every weakness, vulnerability, and opportunity to improve the network security posture.


Securing and minimizing the risk of network breaches and data theft should be a top priority for any organization. In order to achieve the highest level of security, advanced network security equipment needs to be combined with a holistic, layered approach to protect your most vital assets. During the "Protect" Workshop, we will examine the latest in network monitoring and other proactive management approaches.


Is your network secure? Are you sure? Networks can be compromised in many ways, and today’s advanced threats tirelessly search the Internet looking for vulnerable private networks. During the "Detect" workshop, we will discuss how ongoing security testing and continuous monitoring can mean the difference between stolen data and a secure network.


The best way to minimize the impact of a network security breach is to respond immediately. During the "Respond" workshop, we will discuss steps to evaluate the extent of the security breach damage, how to apply the latest cybersecurity best practices to remediate the damage, and update the network security policies and procedures to prevent similar attacks from happening again.

Meet the Keynote Speaker

Charles Ames | Chief Information Security Officer, State of Maryland

Chuck Ames joined Maryland State Government as the Director of Cybersecurity in December, 2015, after retiring from 29 years of service in the US Army. His military service included CIO and G6 for the Army Sustainment Command and Director of Mission Command and Survivability at the Army's Test and Evaluation Command in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. In addition to the blast and kinetic aspects of survivability, Chuck evaluated future Army weapons on their ability to withstand nation-state level cyber-attacks and their ability to restore services should those attacks prove disruptive. Chuck advises the Secretary of the Department of Information Technology on law, policy and pending or desired cyber legislation, on cyber education and workforce development, on cyber economic development and public awareness, on cyber operations and incident response, and on critical infrastructure protection. Chuck holds degrees from Syracuse University, Central Michigan University, and the Air War College.

Meet the Presenters

Tim Foley | Sr. Manager of Information Security & Strategic Consulting at Dataprise

Tim Foley joined the Dataprise team in 2011. Tim has held a number of roles during his tenure at Dataprise, and currently serves as our Sr. Manager of Information Security & Strategic Consulting. He is a proven thought leader responsible for our team of Virtual CIOs and CISOs. He brings with him over 15 years on industry experience, with a focus on Information Security. Before joining Dataprise, he worked as a DoD consultant for a Defense Education firm. Using the ITIL framework and Six Sigma Process Improvement practices, Tim and his team are able to fill the C-level IT strategic needs for many of our customers. Tim attended Washington & Lee University where he received his B.S. in Computer Science, and also holds a number of professional certifications including CISSP, ITIL v3, SSBBP, and MCITP.

Sean Ferrara | Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) at Dataprise

Sean Ferrara joined the Dataprise team in 2012. Over the past 3 years Sean has served in the vCIO capacity for a number of our clients, where he has leveraged industry best practices to align technology with a large variety of business goals. Sean now serves as a vCISO where he is responsible for overseeing our clients’ security strategies and ensuring compliance to regulatory and voluntary security standards. He brings with him over 10 years of industry experience, with a focus on Enterprise Architecture and Information Security. Before joining Dataprise, Sean worked as a consultant for a Maryland-based MSP focused on the legal/real estate sector. Using tried and tested methods as well as emerging technologies, he has a proven track record of fulfilling the IT Strategic needs for many of our customers. Sean holds a number of professional certifications including MCITP and MCSA.

LeeThomas Hagen | Security Operations Center (SOC) Lead at Dataprise

LeeThomas “LT” Hagen joined the Dataprise team in 2013 as Network Consultant with a focus in Cybersecurity. LT is a dynamic, results-driven Cybersecurity Specialist with 10+ years of experience designing, integrating and maintaining robust environments. LT currently works as the Security Operations Center Lead for Dataprise. Prior to joining Dataprise, LT was an IT Manager at a west-coast consulting firm and served in the United States Military as a Brigade Information Officer. LT is also an active member in the Information Security community with the InfraGard National Members Alliance and ISACA National Capital Area Chapter.

Joe Schreiber | Director, Solutions Architecture at AlienVault

Joe Schreiber is the Director of Solutions Architecture with AlienVault and has worked with hundreds of MSSPs to help them deliver managed security services. Joe has been doing IT security since the days of dial-up and prior to AlienVault he and his team built some of the world’s largest SIEM systems while working at AT&T Managed Security Services. Additionally he and his team created the Security Operations around these SIEM systems, the thousands of devices that fed them and conducted packet analysis for two petabytes of daily network traffic.