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U.S. Soccer Foundation Trusts in Dataprise for Managed IT Services & 24X7 Help Desk Support

The Technical Support Dataprise Offers Keeps the US Soccer Foundation Winning with IT.

The U.S. Soccer Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the Washington, DC metro area, have been turning to Dataprise for winning IT services and IT solutions since 2008. The U.S. Soccer Foundation leverages a variety of Dataprise services, including Managed Workstation, Telephony Services and well as Web & Mobile Solutions, specifically Microsoft SharePoint

If you're a non-profit industry looking to improve your information technology, explore our interview with the U.S. Soccer Foundation then contact us for more information regarding our winning IT services. 

"We know our [vCIO]
has the professional expertise, and the love of our sport and our organization."

- Amy Horner,
Vice President of Finance & Administration

What Type of IT Services Do You Rely on Dataprise For?

"Dataprise has been incredibly responsive, either through our on-site technician or now, with the 24x7 help desk to make sure all those emergencies are handled as quickly and as professionally as possible. "

"We have a virtual CIO relationship with Dataprise and that individual has been incredibly helpful in helping us merge two of our databases. We really got lucky with our vCIO. Our vCIO has been with us for 5 years. So we're incredibly fortunate that the individual that comes out to help us as our vCIO has 5-plus years of technical experience with our organization."

How Would You Describe Working With Dataprise as Your Partner?

"We are just so happy with the support that Dataprise gives us not only on the technical side but also the personalities of the people that we work with. They really care about our organization, we're not just a client, this isn’t just a job; they care about making sure that what they’re doing for us, is exactly what we need"

"We are just so happy with the. 
support that Dataprise gives us."

- Amy Horner,
Vice President of Finance & Administration