Cloud-Based Applications

Grow Your Business with Cloud Application Services and SaaS Tools

Operate more efficiently and drive your business to success with the right cloud-based applications, services and monitoring tools.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and line-of-business applications are available for almost every business function. As one of the nation’s top cloud application SaaS providers, Dataprise provides custom-built cloud application services and support for IT professionals, small businesses and corporate enterprises. We offer cloud application monitoring and maintenance services to keep your cloud computing applications operating efficiently. Cloud-based SaaS applications can be an incredible asset to your organization. Let Dataprise help you efficiently deploy and integrate these new cloud-based applications into your IT environment.

We can deliver the entire cloud application lifecycle, including:

  • Product selection
  • End-user experience management
  • Front-end web portals
  • Application integration
  • Mobility
  • Single sign-on
  • Multi-factor authentication

Dataprise is a Leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we’re experts in helping organizations make the switch to Azure and Office 365. Whether you’re looking for cloud application monitoring, migration support, or full management, we can help you select and implement the right plan for your organization. Dataprise helps businesses win at IT with comprehensive Microsoft cloud computing application services.

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Our Cloud Application Methodology

Selecting the Right Cloud Application

Selecting the right cloud computing applications to solve your business pain points can be a tremendous task, especially when you need to consider the bandwidth and resources necessary to run and set-up your cloud computing applications. As your cloud partner, we maintain a vendor agnostic approach to help you select the right CRM or SaaS application for your organization, yet we also have extensive experience with the leading cloud applications, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, to provide knowledgeable advice and valuable guidance.

Implementing and Integrating
Cloud Application Services into Your Environment

Cloud application services should go hand-in-hand with your business goals while enhancing day-to-day operations. Once you’ve found the right cloud computing application to suit your needs, you want to ensure that it is seamlessly deployed into your environment. Working with cloud application SaaS providers helps business owners reach their IT goals. Our cloud experts work closely with your organization to ensure a smooth deployment and that your cloud application services are set-up according to best practices. From selecting the right cloud-based application -- to assessment, deployment, and user adoption -- we can assist your internal teams with getting the solution up and running quickly and efficiently.

Found the perfect cloud application solution, but not quite sure how to best integrate it with your current IT environment? Our IT consultancy services can help you integrate and connect your applications so that your cloud solution is a seamless end-user experience, always ready and available, and helps your business succeed.

Updating and Maintaining Your Cloud Application

Cloud-based applications are constantly being updated to fix bugs, mitigate security risks, and provide better user experiences. Our cloud application services team can help manage your applications so that you never have to worry about missing an update or not having enough internal workload bandwidth available to support your application. At Dataprise, we help businesses succeed in an ever-changing digital landscape with industry-leading cloud infrastructure management.

Creating Custom Cloud-Based Applications

Not finding the right solution to fit your needs? Our web development team can work with you to create a line-of-business application that can be custom fit to your pain points. As a custom cloud application SaaS provider, Dataprise gives businesses more control over their technology, services and operation. From co-location and virtual hosting to managed remote backup and disaster recovery services, our cloud application services offer the solutions your organization needs. We provide your organization with custom, cloud-based applications that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Protecting the Data in Your Cloud Application

Cloud applications store a repository of data that can include passwords, proprietary information, client lists, etc. This is why cloud application services, such as cloud application monitoring, are so important for businesses. At Dataprise, we can work with you to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secured so that your data remains your data. Dataprise has been independently audited and certified by SSAE 16, and our processes and procedures meet strict technology regulations. As one of the nation’s leading business IT support providers, we understand compliance requirements and can help ensure your cloud-based application consistently meets the necessary standards.

Managed Security Service Provider

As a leading IT services provider, Dataprise helps organizations win with IT. Are you considering hiring a managed IT security services consultant? If you need more than just managed cloud services, be sure to explore our other information security services at Dataprise CYBER.

Cloud Computing Applications, Infrastructure and IaaS

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