The Future of Cloud: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

6 Advantages of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 

Salesforce, Office 365, GoToMeeting; odds are that you are familiar with at least one of these Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. But, how many are you using, and, more importantly, how do you unlock the potential of these solutions to move your business forward? 

The face of application delivery is changing from what it used to be. Long gone are the days when you had to wait for a program to install or load on your local machine, which cost your business valuable uptime.

Now, the future of cloud services is looking less like desktop virtualization and more like SaaS. The majority of companies that utilize cloud services will no longer be subscribing to “virtual machine” type services and installing their applications on Windows or Linux. Most software providers will be providing their software in the cloud as a SaaS-based offering.

What does SaaS have in store for your business? Here are 6 advantages to going with a SaaS application:

1. Higher Uptime

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing SaaS is the increased uptime for your business. SaaS providers not only risk losing clients through downtime, but can be held financially responsible as well. Service-level agreements (SLA) typically hold the SaaS providers accountable for maintaining uptime to ensure you constantly and consistently have access to your business-critical software and data. With traditional software, there is no guarantee on how it will perform, so by using an SaaS, you are ensuring that your company will have the uptime it needs day in and day out.

2. Very Low Cost of Entry

When going with a SaaS rather than purchasing software license after software license outright, you pay a subscription fee and can easily budget for the software you are using. This eliminates the upfront cost of purchase and installation, and may even open the door for your business to utilize a software that was previously inaccessible due to price. Additionally, because the vendor is responsible for the environment, maintenance and infrastructure costs are also reduced. The reduction of costs with SaaS means more opportunities for your business to explore and grow.

3. Quick Deployment Time

Because SaaS is Internet-based, as long as you have a workstation and an Internet connection everything you need is right at your fingertips. Your software can be up and running in minutes without the hassle of installation. This scalability is an asset for any growing company who needs to have quick access and flexibility to the software that powers their business.

4. Increased Vendor Responsibility

With the SaaS model, the software provider is responsible for upgrades, security patching, and licensing. Most SaaS solutions are created and maintained with security in mind and meet compliance requirements. This means the burden to constantly maintain up-to-date software across all the business’ machines is taken off of your IT department’s plate and the vendors are contractually responsible for maintenance and keeping your software safe, secure, and high-performing.

5. Increased Mobility and Flexibility

The mobile workforce is a movement that is going to keep growing in the coming years, and your business needs to have the ability for employees to access applications critical to their job anytime and anywhere. Since SaaS applications only need an Internet connection to access, employees can use their own devices to access, regardless of whether they are tablets, smartphones, or laptops. The ability to have a BYOD policy in your workplace also can save you from hardware costs in the long run.

6. Decreased Infrastructure Management

The SaaS infrastructure is provided and maintained by the software provider. This means there are no underlying servers for your IT department nor IT services to manage or pay for and in the event of a disaster, your entire business is not halted by losing access to necessary software. This way instead of focusing on whether or not your server can handle the workload of your software, you can focus on your business’  success.

The landscape of applications and how companies conduct business is changing and SaaS solutions are becoming more and more prevalent. Want to be a few steps ahead of the rest? Contact us today for an application assessment and we will work with you to find the best SaaS solutions for your business.

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