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Infrastructure in the Cloud

Focus on the Needs of Your Business, Not Your Infrastructure

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Is Your Cloud Infrastructure Supporting Your Digital Transformation?

Hosting infrastructure in the cloud is a way for your organization to ensure your network and data are always available, protected, and supported. With a variety of available options, including a public cloud like Microsoft Azure, a private cloud, or a mix of both with a hybrid cloud, partnering with an experienced cloud expert could help ensure you receive the right solution for your organization.

The value of outsourcing your data center management functions to Dataprise is that we can design, build, migrate, and operate your data center or co-location with the latest technologies, energy efficient equipment, and proven processes, and provide you with a robust, scalable, and resilient infrastructure tailored to your specific business needs.

Dataprise is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you unlock the true power of Azure in your cloud environment. We can turn your ideas into solutions faster using a trusted cloud designed for you and your organization’s needs.

Our Methodology for Cloud Infrastructure

Selecting Your Perfect Cloud Fit

We want you to have the perfect cloud solution to run your business effectively and efficiently. With over 23 years of experience helping businesses move, adapt, and succeed with the cloud, we serve as your partners in determining the right cloud fit for you.

We can help your organization select the right cloud provider to give you the optimal infrastructure for your business requirements. As a managed cloud services provider, we offer a third-party perspective on what solution will best align with your needs.

Some of the factors we can help you evaluate include:
  • Organizational Needs: Develop a strategy that addresses pain points, data ownership, and uptime requirements customized to your environment
  • Critical Data Protection: Integrate data security, backup and recovery strategies that improve efficiencies and reduce upgrade costs
  • Real-Time Device Monitoring and Resolution: Leverage 24x7 state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) capabilities
  • Data Center and Co-Location Efficiency: Realize significant cost-savings for your organization through optimization
  • Virtualization: Consolidate resources and greatly reduce IT costs
  • Business Continuity: Develop and enhance comprehensive recovery plans in the event of a disaster

Migrating to and Deploying Your
Cloud Environment

Once you’ve decided on your new cloud solution, you can rely on our certified cloud experts to complete the migration from one cloud environment to another and take the burden off your IT team. We utilize industry-recognized best practices to stage, test, and deploy your workload, leverage our proven project management methodology, and work with your organization and internal stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition.

Handling Your Infrastructure

Does your internal IT team have the bandwidth and skillsets needed to fully manage your cloud infrastructure? By partnering with Dataprise, you won’t have to worry about bandwidth because our team of experts have the experience to handle your infrastructure management so your team can focus on growing your business.

Our infrastructure management and consulting services can help you:
  • Protect your critical data by integrating data security, backup and recovery strategies that improve efficiencies and reduce upgrade costs
  • Provide real-time device monitoring and resolution from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Improve productivity with a strong Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) request process to keep your infrastructure running efficiently through regular updates
  • Achieve maximum performance of your environment through workload optimization

Delivering Your Cloud Solution

Having trouble finding the right data center/server co-location partner for your business? The IT experts at Dataprise can host and manage your critical servers, applications, and other off-premise technology assets. We can help you proactively manage your data center, ensuring that your core infrastructure continues to power your business at the optimal level — all day, every day.

Fortifying your Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s threat landscape is ever-changing and growing. Our cloud and security experts will work with you to meet any compliance or business requirements to ensure you can rest easy knowing your data and network are secure.