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Data Center Co-Location Services

What exactly is server co-location?

For many small and medium-sized businesses, server co-location is probably the most cost-effective way of protecting your valuable data and information in a way that keeps it accessible.  Server co-location basically means that your company's information is stored in a location other than your office, preferably at a carrier-grade data center like Dataprise uses.

Infrastructure and server co-location made simple with Dataprise

Instead of going through all of the time and trouble hoping you find the right co-location partner, simply rely on Dataprise to handle your colocation services for you. Our partnership with the industry leader CenturyLink provides you with enterprise-level security and service at affordable prices. Choose Dataprise for your server colocation management and you'll also get the added protection of Dataprise's own robust network security infrastructure that we can provide in conjunction with CenturyLink secure foundation. 

Dataprise has more than 20 years of working experience in deploying and managing both off and on-premise data centers for our customers. We employ a full range of data center specialists, including Datacom (Cisco) engineers, VMware virtualization specialists, VoIP specialists, Carrier Services agents, and on-site technical consultants. We have all the expertise you need to design, provision, and manage your data center or private Cloud.

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