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Support365® End-to-End IT Management

We offer flexible and affordable two-year, one-year and month-to-month (no commitment) service plan options to meet the different needs of our customers. Your organization will receive the same commitment to great support no matter which option you choose. Regardless, we offer a convenient “pay-as-you go” policy with no up-front costs or burdensome retainers required (subject to credit approval). Tip – You can now try us out with no strings attached! Start with a month-to-month pricing option and then switch at any time later to a convenient term. That’s how you can make the most of your IT budget dollars while maximizing flexibility.
Dataprise specializes in providing high quality IT support services to small and medium size businesses. And each Dataprise Support365® plan is designed for a different range of "seats," or computer/network users. Our standard plans are geared toward organizations with 10 to 250 users, but these can be scaled up or down to accommodate any size business. Larger businesses may want to take advantage of our project consulting and staff augmentation services.
Since 1995, Dataprise has provided our unique brand of technical support services to thousands of growing businesses. We've learned that organizations benefit the most from personalized, dependable face-to-face service. But by supplementing on-site (and on-Cloud) support with our 24x7 remote Help Desk, customers receive an ideal combination of interactive service and responsiveness. Too often, businesses wait until a major problem arises before contacting their IT provider — which almost always results in costly emergency repairs and impulsive decisions. Dataprise's proactive IT support — featuring frequent on-site check-ins, ongoing system evaluations, regular consultations and rapid response from certified experts who know your network intimately — is the best way to safeguard your network and keep your business running smoothly. Our technical services are rooted in our knowledgeable and vastly experienced staff — not gadgets or gimmicks.
Based on our experience, we’ve created a range of popular plans packaged for businesses of different sizes. But if we’ve learned one thing from our customers over the years, it’s that people like to have choices. So for businesses that need special or unique services, we offer a wide range of optional add-ons. By being completely transparent, we give you the power to make a fully informed decision. And that’s a win-win for everyone.
We hear you and our experience counts! Most IT support providers are reactive, which means they spend their time addressing emergencies rather than preventing them. When you hire Dataprise, you get a team of advisors who know your industry — and the latest technologies. Our consultants are trained to provide proactive service and preventative advice.
Cloud computing isn’t necessarily for everyone, and we would never push a technology just because it is currently getting a lot of press. In many situations, Cloud computing can reduce the need for expensive hardware upgrades, but it can also present potential risks. If we think a particular technology will save you money or provide a competitive advantage, we’ll discuss its pros and cons with you. That way, you can make the right decision for your business. Regardless if your business technology is anchored in your office or tethered to the Cloud, your Dataprise technical team will provide you the right on-site (or on-cloud) advice you need.

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