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Managed Network Security

Network Security Provider

Dataprise can continuously monitor and protect your network with expert security solutions.

If the security of your network and data is your top priority, you need more than just advanced network security equipment - you need active vigilance. You need your firewalls to always have the latest firmware updates, your antivirus to have the latest malware definitions, and your network to be under the constant watchful eye of a trusted security team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


You need the Dataprise Managed Network Security Service.

Minimize Your Risk with Proactive Monitoring

Our Managed Network Security Service is proactive management of your enterprise-grade firewalls, and 24x7 monitoring of your network perimeter with instant alert and remediation of any threats. This robust service minimizes your risk of network breach and data theft, and ensures that if your network is compromised, the issue is addressed immediately to resolve the issue quickly and minimize damage.

Your Comprehensive IT Security Assessment Report

The Dataprise IT Security Assessment is a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your network security compared to the latest best practices. A certified security expert comes to your place of business and inspects your network for vulnerabilities. We use an extensive questionnaire that addresses everything from firewall configuration to physical security to cybersecurity policy and documentation. Once we’ve recorded our findings, we score your network security against the latest standards, and we compile the results into a network security assessment report. 

Your report includes summaries and details of our findings, and actionable recommendations to improve your security posture. We review the report with you, and discuss your security priorities in order to create a specific action plan and budget that meets your needs.

Our security assessments can also be customized to your network and budget - contact Dataprise today for a quote!

Managed Firewall Services
Round-the-clock network protection against cyber criminals and other malicious entities. 

Dataprise makes your network and data security our number one priority. A firewall is one of the most vital components of your network, quite often being the first and last line of defense against malicious entities working to compromise your business operations.

With our Managed Firewall & Unified Threat Management service, Dataprise assumes full responsibility for safeguarding and managing the interface between your LAN, WAN, and IP networks.

We scale our services to suit individual requirements, providing full fall-back firewall configurations if required. Our specialist network security team can also work closely with your in-house team to ensure that our service best fits your organization's needs.

Our Managed Firewall Services Include:

  • Firewall appliance provided with service
  • Professionally configured, managed and monitored firewall(s)
  • 24×7 event monitoring and notification
  • Policy rules adds/changes
  • Port forwarding
  • Network Address Translation
  • Inbound and outbound access control
  • Connection tracking
  • Patch Management
  • DMZ Configuration
  • Off-site log storage
  • Real-time log analysis
  • Monthly log report option

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