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Security Testing and Monitoring

Network Security Testing and Monitoring

Secure your network and stay ahead in the game.

Is your network secure? Are you sure? When was the last time you tested your network security for vulnerabilities? 

And if you were breached, would you even notice? What if the breach were to occur at midnight on Saturday - is your IT team on duty in the middle of the night and on weekends?

Dataprise is.

Networks can be compromised in many ways, and today’s malware tirelessly searches the Internet looking for vulnerable private networks - like a cat burglar testing houses, checking windows and doors until they find a way in to infect your network and steal your data. 

The best way to prevent a break-in is to check the strength of your windows and locks, and to install flood lights so you can always see what’s happening on your property. The same principles apply to network security: ongoing security testing and monitoring can mean the difference between stolen data and a secure network.

IT Security to Secure Your Growing Business

Dataprise IT security monitoring and testing is an ongoing service that leverages our certified security experts and our 24x7 Security Operations Center to provide you with peace of mind. Our team of security experts examine your security configuration and test your internal and external network for vulnerabilities. This is called a vulnerability assessment, and once we’ve completed our test, we provide you a complete report of your existing vulnerabilities along with our best practice recommendations for eliminating them. We also develop an ongoing schedule of vulnerability tests to ensure that your network remains secure as your business grows.

In addition, our 24x7 Security Operations Center provides continuous monitoring of your network so that if a breach does occur, we’ll know instantly and can take immediate steps to eliminate the threat and lock down your data. 


For better peace of mind, call us to discuss our security testing and monitoring service today!


How Often Should You Test Your Network Security?

We recommend that most small and medium-sized businesses conduct vulnerability assessments and findings remediation at least once a year, but ideally twice a year. For business with more sensitive data, or at greater risk, we suggest that you consider quarterly vulnerability assessments from a certified expert. 

New vulnerabilities and security patches are issued all the time by major security and technology firms (Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Apple, and more), so regular testing is required to ensure that these new patches and updates don't reduce the security of your network.

Advanced URL Filtering and Threat Protection
Our team of cloud security experts work hard to make sure your web surfing experience is secure. 

Our Cloud-based Web URL Filtering and Security service enables organizations to limit their exposure to external threats and security risks by managing access to web content based on a site’s reputation. URLs are currently filtered against multiple global databases consisting of 90 categories, 30 super categories, and 6 classes. Policy may be granularly enforced for specific users, groups, and locations.

Best of all, the Dataprise Cloud-based Web URL Filtering and Security service is invisible to your users. Once configured, your employees will be protected and won’t even know it. 

Why is Web URL Filtering important? Online threats are everywhere.

Active content, social media networks, and advertising networks have resulted in every major website being infected with malware or a virus at some point in time. Keeping your systems safe on the Internet today requires a front-line technology that can do inline scanning of every page for complex threats and at the same time, work to block sensitive content from leaving your organization's network.

Your users will surf with confidence knowing that every URL is proactively checked each and every time one is accessed. We know that businesses need more than just the standard list of already-known virus and spyware signatures offered by PC-based security software. We'll help you with protection from viruses, malware, greyware and spyware which are not known, as well as protection from uncontrolled user generated content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and eBay.

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