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VoIP Consulting Services

Win with VoIP Technology: Save Money, Be More Productive 

Trust in the Dataprise team to upgrade your legacy phone system with VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of hardware and software that enables businesses to rely on the Internet for telephone calls by sending voice data using IP instead of the traditional circuit transmissions. VoIP technology can actually increase the overall productivity of an organization as it allows your employees the ability to multi-task without interruption. Plus, VoIP can save your organization money. Instead of allocating funds to traditional phone bills, businesses can use that money in other areas where it is needed. 

These solutions are cost-effective, versatile, and have the bandwidth to accommodate thousands of users, if needed. 

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VoIP Technology Can Improve Your Business Communication, Here Are A Few Advantages:

  • Install, use, and troubleshoot with ease
  • Increase productivity, flexibility and mobility
  • Scale up or down easily
  • Hosted VoIP saves businesses money
  • Integrates with other business systems
  • Supports older technologies (e.g., fax)
  • More efficient use of bandwidth
  • Streamlines teleworking
  • Delivers rich media services (e.g., send instant messages, make video or voice calls)
  • Reduces equipment cost and maintenance cost
To learn more about VoIP and how it could be the right choice for your business communications, please fill out the contact form below or call 1-888-519-8111 and ask to speak to one of the Dataprise Communications and Telephony specialists.
Win with VoIP technology from Dataprise's telecommunication team

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