Continuous Vulnerability Management and Security

Understand the Risks to Shore Up Your Business (and Job) Security

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment: How Secure Are You?

Today's rapid shift to remote work has supercharged the need to connect, communicate, and collaborate between networks, endpoints, and users. Your responsibilities are evolving, but so are the threats to your systems and data. Dataprise Continuous Vulnerability Management provides insights into the security of your network and delivers enhanced transparency within internal and external perimeters, resulting in custom recommendations, a continuous vulnerability assessment and a remediation plan.

Scanning for vulnerabilities seems obvious, until you realize there are new ones each day.

Adversaries use known vulnerabilities and phishing attacks to compromise the security of organizations which is why running a proactive scanning and testing regiment is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack. However, creating and implementing continuous vulnerability management can be arduous.

Maintain constant vigilance and stay ahead of cyber attackers.

Dataprise's continuous vulnerability management program helps you detect, remove, and control inherent risks using specialized software and proprietary workflows to eliminate risks, deliver on-time patching to your systems, and keep your executive team aware of existing vulnerabilities. Take our cyber hygiene quiz below to learn if your environment is at risk.

What Will Dataprise Continuous Vulnerability Management Do for You?

Malicious Web Content Protection

Next-Generation Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Anti-Ransomware

Penetration Testing

Managed Operating System (OS) Patching

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring Services to Suit Your Needs

Perimeter Edge



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