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Anti-Spam Management Services

Managed anti-spam: Email without the annoyance

Nobody likes to receive spam email messages. But for IT professionals, spam is far more than an annoyance: it can inhibit network performance and staff productivity.  

Dataprise's Anti-Spam email service eliminates the problem almost entirely. Our state-of-the-art solution lets users see only the email they want — and filters out all of the viruses and e-solicitations they don’t want before they reach a user’s computers and mobile devices. In fact, these messages never even reach your network, so they won’t consume precious network resources or bandwidth. This allows your network to perform at optimal levels, and keeps your staff focused on their work.

Because our solution is 100% hosted, you don’t have to invest in and maintain your own anti-spam hardware or software. Your users will have a rich set of email policy control tools, which they can configure using an intuitive Web-based interface. Users can easily edit their white and block lists, set spam rules, and access all of their blocked and quarantined messages. In addition, our service can be configured to send each user regular email reports of blocked messages, so important emails will never go missing. 

Features of Our Anti-Spam Management Services Include:

  • Web-based interface for users to manage junk email, white lists and blocked lists
  • Reports on all quarantined email sent to each user (as frequently as daily, if required)
  • Completely compatible with all popular operating systems 
  • No server hardware or software purchase required
  • Easily add users as you grow

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