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5 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Should Outsource IT

By: Dataprise

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The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and the use of technology has become a vital component of providing quality patient care. Healthcare providers require reliable IT to manage electronic health records, medical billing, and communication within their organization. However, managing IT in-house can be costly, time-consuming, and often takes resources away from core business activities.

Outsourcing IT services can offer healthcare providers access to a team of experts who specialize in managing and maintaining the technology infrastructure. According to iHealthcareAnalyst, the global healthcare IT outsourcing market will reach $70 billion by 2029 driven by multiple factors including “health system administrators seeking to enhance profitability and efficiency while maintaining clinical excellence.”

In this week’s blog article, we explore the reasons why healthcare providers should consider outsourcing their IT services.

Reduce Costs

Managing IT in-house can be expensive – hiring and training staff to manage the environment, investing in hardware and software, and staying up-to-date with regulation and compliance law. Outsourcing IT services can significantly reduce costs associated with IT infrastructure. Now, providers can allocate additional resources to other areas of the business that are more important to driving patient satisfaction. Outsourcing allows for predictable monthly expenses for IT services (capital expenditure vs. operational expense) and can help organizations avoid unexpected costs associated with equipment breakdowns or security breaches.

Access to Expertise

Patients head to healthcare facilities because they want to get expert advice on a health issue they may be experiencing. IT is no different – organizations outsource their IT solutions to receive access to a team of experienced professionals who specialize in managing complex IT systems. A reputable healthcare outsourced IT service provider specializes in the latest technology trends, best practices, and regulations that govern the healthcare industry. This expertise can prove to be invaluable to healthcare providers with regards to regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Security

Healthcare providers store sensitive patient information ranging from medical records, personal information, and billing details. Protecting this information from cyber-attacks and data breaches has become increasingly challenging. Outsourcing IT services provides healthcare providers with access to state-of-the-art security protocols and technologies that can enhance their overall cybersecurity posture. A reputable IT service provider will provide regular security updates, monitor network activity, and implement necessary security measures to protect patient data.

Focus on Core Business Activities

Managing IT in-house can be a time-consuming process that distracts healthcare providers from their core business activities. Outsourcing IT services allows healthcare providers to focus on patient care and other critical business functions, knowing that their IT infrastructure is being managed by experts. This enables healthcare providers to provide better quality care to patients while also improving their overall business efficiency.


Healthcare providers operate in a dynamic environment. Demand for services fluctuates, and technological requirements evolve with time. Working with a Managed Service Provider to outsource IT services allows healthcare providers to have a scalable solution that can adapt to ever-changing needs. As healthcare providers hire more staff and take on new patients, they can scale their IT infrastructure up to meet their needs. Dataprise is a leading cloud service provider designed to be the ideal partner for scaling healthcare providers.

Utilizing healthcare outsourced IT services helps healthcare providers improve their overall IT infrastructure, reduce costs, increase security, and improve operational efficiency. By partnering with a reputable IT service provider like Dataprise, healthcare providers can focus on providing quality patient care while relying on experts to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. (Read about Dataprise’s Healthcare Industry Expertise Here!)

5 Reasons for Healthcare Outsource IT

Finally, recently our experts spoke on data protection through Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. With compliance and regulation shaping up to be a big driving force for healthcare providers, we encourage you to check out the on-demand webinar and to reach out with any questions!

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