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Grow Your Business with Cloud Communications

By: Adam Granquist

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Every company wants to find and hire the right talent who will do the job exceptionally well and advance their business. With today’s competitive job market, however, it can be difficult to find the right people in current office locations. As your search expands, you’ll find yourself hiring remote staff to grow your business; but, how do you keep your remote team members successfully connected?

With a remote team, you need to remain close with fewer layers and more attentive communication to ensure efficiency and professionalism. Employees will have their personal smart phone, but business calls are better conducted on a line that provides more reliable call quality and privacy. Your current on-premise phone system may limit the efficiency and capabilities of your off-site staff. So how will you ensure your phone system is the right tool for your remote employees?

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

On-site phone systems have many benefits, such as reliability, caller identification, and voice mail functionality. Businesses that have on-site systems often have national and/or international locations, and want to maintain control of their technology and limit data privacy concerns. However, by utilizing modern cloud phone systems, a whole new realm of capabilities is possible for employees (including remote) to:

  • Quickly set up new phone lines
  • Take advantage of click-to-dial technology
  • Implement detailed call analytics
  • Easily link their phone to CRM and ERP applications
  • Receive live help directly from their phones without engaging IT

Bringing Employees Together

With cloud-based VoIP technology, on-boarding a new remote employee is as simple as purchasing a phone, connecting it to the Internet, and downloading some software. Added setup, management, maintenance costs, and headaches are no longer challenges faced by your company. Your employees have immediate access to the exact same functionality as your on-site employees. And perhaps best of all, cloud phone providers ensure your phone system is constantly upgraded and protected. These features provide your company-improved uptime, call reliability, and customer and employee experience. To sum it up, a cloud-based phone system makes working with remote employees simpler. .

If you’re growing, hiring, or building a business that leverages remote staff, then an on-premise phone system without cloud functionality might be limiting their productivity. You may want to consider moving to the cloud if you’re looking for a more effective way to sync remote workers to your company’s network, then you may want to consider moving to the cloud. Your remote employees — and your customers — will thank you.

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