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How Managed Mobility Services Integrate with the Cloud to Drive Cost Savings

By: Dataprise

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Managed Mobility Services (referred to as MMS), when integrated with the cloud, can be a game changer for organizations of all sizes looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Zippia surveyed and found that 80% of companies believe mobile devices are necessary for their employees to do their jobs. With the growing number of mobile devices used in the workplace, it is now essential for organizations to have a reliable and cost-effective way to manage and secure their devices. Let’s explore how MMS, integrated with cloud infrastructure, can drive cost savings for all types of organizations – small, midmarket, and even enterprise.

Cloud-based device management

By using cloud-based platforms to manage and secure mobile devices, organizations can eliminate the need for most on-premises hardware and software. These platforms offer a range of features such as device enrollment, policy enforcement, app management, and security.

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Eliminating on-premises hardware and software can result in significant cost savings through:

  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs
  • Lower Maintenance expenses
  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Managed Mobility Delivers Scalability

With cloud-based MMS, all small, midmarket, and enterprise organizations can scale up or down their mobile device deployments quickly and easily. Scaling successfully, securely, and easily is constantly at the forefront for midmarket and enterprise organization leaders. Scaling resources up or down at a moment’s notice can help organizations recover from disruptions, minimize downtime, and more.

This means organizations only pay for what they need, avoiding the costs associated with over-provisioning or under-provisioning mobile devices.

Centralized Administration

MMS providers such as Dataprise use cloud-based dashboards to manage and monitor all mobile devices, providing a single point of administration for the client. This simplifies the management process and in turn, reduces the time and resources required to manage and monitor mobile devices – ultimately resulting in cost savings.

Integration With Existing Cloud Services

Managed Mobility Services can be integrated with existing cloud services to provide a seamless user experience. These include:

  • Email
  • Storage
  • Collaboration Tools

This eliminates the need for separate tools and services, all while reducing the costs associated with integration and maintenance.

Organizations of all sizes that adopt MMS integrated with cloud infrastructure can expect to see significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and a streamlined mobile device management process. Cloud offerings enable MMS providers, such as Dataprise, to offer scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of mid-market organizations. By partnering with a reliable MMS provider, you can enjoy the benefits of a secure and well-managed mobile device fleet – so you can focus on what your organization does best, without breaking the bank.


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