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This the Season: How to Gift Your IT Staff a Vacation

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With a hearty Thanksgiving meal around the corner comes the promise of vacation days, time spent with loved ones, and a celebration of the holiday season. However, there’s one department that usually doesn’t get to fully experience all the relaxation and good cheer as everyone else, and that’s your IT department.

IT is a mission critical aspect of your business; but, how do you balance the need for 100 percent IT uptime with allowing your IT staff to also enjoy the holidays? You can achieve this balance by augmenting your IT staff with the help of a managed service provider (MSP). Here are a few benefits of IT staff augmentation to help keep your company, IT employees, and customers happy this holiday season:

Receive Access to 24x7x365 Support

By expanding your IT staff with an MSP, your business receives access to a team of certified professionals at any time, even if it’s 11:59 pm on New Year’s Eve. Issues are worked on and resolved quickly without having to wait until an employee is back from vacation, and also saves your IT staff from the frustration of getting a work call during Thanksgiving dinner. The increased reliability and flexibility saves your business from downtime and monetary loss, as well as increases employee satisfaction and morale. 

Minimize Business Risk

Another benefit of IT staff augmentation is the minimization of risk and reduction of threats to your business. By utilizing 24×7 monitoring provided by an MSP, problem recognition and diagnosis are quickly delivered and used efficiently to resolve an issue before there is a critical impact. Additionally, monitoring can be used to detect any necessary system updates. If a security patch comes through while your IT staff is watching the ball drop, you won’t miss the update that could make your business vulnerable to attack or compromise sensitive company information.

Resolve IT Emergencies Quickly

IT emergencies can happen at any time, regardless of whether or not your IT department is in the office or drinking eggnog by the fireplace. By using an MSP, you have the option of receiving urgent on-site care and support when an unexpected critical failure happens. Every minute of a technical emergency can lead to lost revenue; however, by utilizing an MSP to augment your staff, you can shorten the time spent analyzing and resolving the issue, and lower the financial and operational cost of an IT emergency.

Focus On Your Business

For many businesses, the holidays are the busiest time of the year. By augmenting your IT staff, you can stay focused on your core business functions and not worry about IT.

This is also the time to finalize plans for 2016. By utilizing an MSP for password resets or internet connection issues, you can focus your IT department instead on project planning and implementations. This would allow you to advance your business as well as increase revenue and productivity.

With staff augmentation, you allow your IT department to enjoy the holiday season as well, and avoid headaches and frustration from technical issues that may occur. But, IT staff augmentation isn’t just a holiday gift to your employees, but a service you all can enjoy year-round. By partnering with an experienced MSP, your internal IT department can focus on your business objectives, goals, and different ways to move the company forward. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discover how IT staff augmentation can give your business a competitive advantage.

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