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Zoom to the Top: Law Firms Get an Edge With Hybrid Workplace IT Solutions

Aug 17, 2021 BY DATAPRISE

Zoom to the Top: Law Firms Get an Edge With Hybrid Workplace IT Solutions

Despite the gradual shift back to the office from remote work, workers are demanding the flexibility to structure their days as they see fit. For law firms, this trend isn’t something that can be ignored. Attorneys are leaving firms in droves for competitors that have cultivated a hybrid workplace.

We’ll look at how the right IT services for lawyers can help your firm secure the protocols, tools, and staff needed for this initiative before you’re left behind.


Cybersecurity & Strategic IT Infrastructure 

Even though occupancy rates are higher for law firms than the average sector (56% vs. 34%), fewer than 1 in 10 lawyers want to continue their normal in-office workweek. It’s no surprise, as legal professionals have found that they can be every bit as productive at home while also making more time for themselves and their families. 

Yet this poses major challenges to law firms that are still figuring out the security risks brought on by all these unknown environments. After all, people aren’t just working from home anymore; they have the freedom to work from anywhere.

The increased number of variables for each individual employee makes endpoint management of all connected devices more critical than ever before. An integrated, holistic approach to cybersecurity and strategic IT infrastructure is imperative. Data protection, backups via cloud migration, and business continuity/disaster recovery all need to be prioritized if a law firm wants to keep its highly-prized confidential information under proverbial lock and key.


Communication and Collaboration Tools

Above all else, a hybrid workforce needs to support communication and collaboration, particularly if employees are spread across different regions or time zones. Phone calls, e-faxes, instant messages, video conferencing, and audio conferencing are all standards in law firms, but the platforms may not always be as reliable as leaders give them credit for.

Moving everything to the cloud can not only streamline how people use the tools by bringing them all onto the same system, but it can also decrease or eliminate the number of hiccups you see on a daily basis. Files can be shared and accessed from anywhere, allowing people to jump in regardless of what device they’re using. It all makes for a lot less confusion and wasted time, resulting in more productive employees and satisfied clients.


Help Desk 

A billable attorney doesn’t have time to wait on hold or until 8:00 a.m. on Monday. When every minute counts, end user technical support needs to be available 24x7x365. Because few law firms have the resources to hire in-house technical staff at that scale, outsourcing can provide a much-needed service to a beleaguered work base. An experienced and friendly help desk can be exactly what a firm needs to improve the end-user experience, which can translate to improved morale and increased productivity. 

As it is, the average firm can spend anywhere from $8,000 to more than $21,000 per user on tech services. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the right managed service provider (MSP) could save a firm millions of dollars in the long run.


Sketching Out a Strategic Roadmap for Hybrid Workers

When surveyed about what would make their remote experience better, legal professionals ranked cloud migration and the adoption of zero-trust security tools near the top. With outsourced IT support for law firms, leaders can leave the security threats, collaboration tools, and 24x7 help desk to their MSP so their attorneys can focus on clients and business growth instead. 

This is also a great solution for firms that want to stay relevant as both risks and infrastructure evolve. It’s the MSPs who make the calculated investment decisions to ensure that their clients have enough support to stay connected at every level. When new cybercriminals come onto the scene armed with new tactics to get the firm's data — as they always will — everyone can rest assured they’re in good hands.

Check out this brochure to see how an MSP like Dataprise can transform your law firm.

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