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Win with an All-Star Managed Services Team

Chaz Chalkley

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March Madness is about to begin! The men’s UNC Tarheels and women’s University of South Carolina team won last year’s NCAA championships, and we are waiting to see if they will defend their titles or if new champions will emerge. What makes these teams so great? Not only do they have a roster of highly skilled players, but they come together as a cohesive team and play with a winning game plan.

The Right Strategy on the Court

Just like basketball, IT is a team sport where you need the right strategy on the court, and a deep bench of expertise. A reliable managed services team is just as important as reliable basketball teammates. One way to create an all-star team coached by your business is to partner with the right managed service provider (MSP). With an MSP on your side, your business can work with one company to provide a cohesive approach to all your IT needs, as well as ensure you have the best players on the floor. Let’s take a look at what your MSP roster should look like:

Managed Service Provider Team

  1. A Strong Point Guard: Strategic IT Consulting
  2. A Top Scoring Shooting Guard: IT Management
  3. A Versatile Small Forward: 24×7 Help and Service Desk
  4. A Power Forward Ready for the Rebounds: Cloud Services
  5. A Well-Rounded Center: Additional Services

1. A Strong Point Guard: Strategic IT Consulting

Your team’s point guard is the leader, calling the plays and making game-changing decisions. With your MSP, that leader is a strategic IT consultant, or virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). They ensure your business has a knowledgeable player leading the pack that can provide insight on all your IT needs, help you make tough decisions, and provide future game plans. This player is someone you can count on to lead your team and business in the right direction.

2. A Top Scoring Shooting Guard: IT Management

From scoring to passing to defense, a shooting guard needs to be able to cover all the basics of basketball. Just like a shooting guard, your MSP’s IT Management needs to be able to handle the basics of your infrastructure, such as remote network monitoring and automated systems management, as well as providing proactive support so your business is always scoring with IT, and not dropping the ball. You can count on your managed services team for all your IT infrastructure needs.

3. A Versatile Small Forward: 24×7 Help and Service Desk 

A small forward needs to be ready to defend against everything, just like your MSP team delivers 24×7 Help and Service Desk support to quickly and efficiently resolve technical issues. Your 24×7 Help and Service Desk should also be staffed with all-around team players with the knowledge and experience to provide immediate, high-quality customer support. 

4. A Power Forward Ready for the Rebounds: Cloud Services

Power forwards are not only ready to score and clear space under the basket, but these players also lead the team in rebounds. Cloud services is your MSP team’s power forward. Not only does your MSP need to be able to assist you in the design, selection, implementation, and support for cloud services, they need to ensure that your data is backed up and secure, ready for a rebound whenever necessary.

5. A Well-Rounded Center: Additional Services

Last but not least is your team’s center, the complete set of additional solutions and capabilities that your MSP can provide that the other teams cannot. From Web Solutions to Information Security to Telecommunication Services, your IT needs are extensive, so ensuring the center covers everything else for your IT team is critical to give your business a competitive advantage.

Win with Our Managed IT Services

In the end, to win with IT you need an all-star MSP in your court. And whether you pick a few of their players or the whole team, your MSP needs to be focused on your business success so that you can win the championship year after year. Ready to recruit a winning team? Contact us today to find out how our managed services team can craft the right strategy to fit your needs.

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