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Get Details of a Single Action

Method: GET

Url: /Actions/{ActionID}/[?GetContentInHTML=true|false] (e.g. /Actions/1234/?GetContentInHTML=false)
Header: DPApiAuthenticationToken={YOUR_API_TOKEN}

Query String:
GetContentInHTML (optional): Whether to get the ActionDescription in HTML format (default: true)

Request Example:
GET “”Header: “DPApiAuthenticationToken=abcxyz0123456789”


The API will return the details of the action if the provided ActionID is valid, with the following fields:

Column NameData TypeRemarks
ActionIDIntegerThe unique ID of the record.
IncidentIDIntegerThe ID of the incident
ActionDescriptionStringThe action description. May contain HTML
ActionDateDateTimeThe datetime the action was added to the incident
CCWebUserIDIntegerThe ID of the user who added the action
EnteredByStringThe name of the user who added the action
CustomFieldsList<CustomField>List of custom fields (key-value pair) for this record
Sample Response:
{ “IncidentID”: 4321, “ActionID”: 1234, “ActionDescription”: “Incident set to resolved”, “ActionDate”: “2019-03-18T16:25:42”, “CCWebUserID”: -1, “EnteredBy”: “Doe, J.”, “CustomFields”: null }