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Create a New Contact

Method: POST

Url: /Contacts
Header: DPApiAuthenticationToken={YOUR_API_TOKEN}

Query String: None

Request Body:

Parameter NameData TypeRemarks
FirstName (Required)StringThe first name of the contact
LastNameStringThe last name of the contact
EmailAddress (Required)StringThe email address of the contact as registered with us
Address1 (Required)StringThe first line of contact’s address
Address2StringThe second line of contact’s address
City (Required)String
StateStringFor US states, use the abbreviation, for Non-US states, use the full state name.
IsNonUSAddressBooleanWhether the address is from outside the USA
PrimaryContactBooleanWhether the contact is the primary contact as registered with us
POCBooleanWhether the contact is the Point-of-Contact as registered with us
IsSubClientBooleanWhether the contact is a client of your organization
SubClientOrganizationNameStringThe organization name of the contact, applicable only if the contact is a client of your organization (i.e. IsSubClient)
CustomFieldsList<CustomField>List of custom fields (key-value pair) for this record
Request Example:
POST “”Header: “DPApiAuthenticationToken=abcxyz0123456789″Body: { “FirstName”: “Test”, “LastName”: “Cntct”, “EmailAddress”: “[email protected]”, “City”: “New York”, “State”: “NY”, “Zip”: “11111”, “WorkPhone”: “111-111-1111”, “WorkExt”: “123”, “MobilePhone”: “222-222-2222”, “Title”: “”, “IsSubClient”: false, “SubClientOrganizationName”: “”, “CustomFields”: [“EmployeeID”: “1234”] }


The API will return the response as under:

PropertyData TypeRemarks
StatusStringStatus of the request. Either “Success” or “Failure”
MessageStringError messages if the request failed (i.e. Status = “Failure”)
IdIntegerThe ID of the created record if the request succeeded (i.e. Status = “Success”)
Sample Response:
{ “Status”: “Success”, “Message”: “”, “Id”: 25 }