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DPApi is a REST API interface providing the users with an ability to manage their data in a programmatic manner.

We currently support the following modules:


DPApi is a JSON API and all the requests and responses will expect and return the data in JSON format.


The DPApi is available at{version} where the {version} denotes the version.

The current version is v1 but we may introduce new versions as we upgrade the API in future.


The “Get List” methods for all modules support query filter which you can use to filter records based on custom criteria.
The syntax for JMS_Query is much like SQL. The rules are as under:

  • All operators such as AND, OR, =, >, <, LIKE, IN, NOT IN etc. must be surrounded by carat (^) (e.g. OpenDate^=^‘2019-12-31’, ShortDescription ^LIKE^ ‘%Test%’)
  • If your filter expression contains multiple conditions, the conditions must be separated by tilde (~) (e.g. OpenDate^>=^‘2019-12-31’~^ AND^ ShortDescription ^LIKE^ ‘%Test%’)
  • The entire JMS_Query parameter must be URL encoded. The above examples are not URL encoded for clarity.