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Get details of a single service request

Method: GET

Url: /ServiceRequests/{IncidentID}[?GetContentInHTML=true|false] (e.g. /ServiceRequests/1234/?GetContentInHTML=false)
Header: DPApiAuthenticationToken={YOUR_API_TOKEN}

Query String:
GetContentInHTML (optional): Whether to get the ShortDescription in HTML format (default: true)

Request Example:
GET “”Header: “DPApiAuthenticationToken=abcxyz0123456789”


The API will return the details of the incident if the provided IncidentID is valid, with the following fields:

Column NameData TypeRemarks
IncidentIDIntegerThe unique ID of the record.
IncidentNoStringA unique alphanumeric key assigned to each incident
OpenDateDateTimeThe datetime the incident was opened
ShortDescriptionStringA short title of the incident
LongDescriptionStringIncident details. May contain HTML
IncidentClassIDIntegerThe ClassID of the incident
IncidentPerceivedPriorityStringThe perceived priority of the incident. May contain “Low”, “Normal”, or “High”
StatusStringThe current status of the incident. May contain either “Open” or “Closed”
RequestTypeStringThe type of the request. May contain “General Service”, “To Do” etc.
CCWebUserIDIntegerThe ID of the user the incident is assigned to
AssignedToStringThe name of the user the incident is assigned to
TargetContactIDIntegerThe ID of the target contact of the incident
TargetDeviceIDIntegerThe ID of the target device of the incident
ResolvedDateDateTimeThe datetime the incident was resolved, only applicable if the incident is closed or set to resolved.
CustomFieldsList<CustomField>List of custom fields (key-value pair) for this record
Sample Response:
{ “IncidentID”: 1234, “IncidentNo”: “SRI202001230005”, “OpenDate”: “2020-01-23T08:26:09.517”, “ShortDescription”: “Test incident by parameters from API”, “LongDescription”: “”, “ClassID”: -1, “Status”: “Open”, “CCWebUserID”: -1, “AssignedTo”: “”, “TargetContactID”: 73995, “TargetDeviceID”: -1, “CustomFields”: [ { “FieldLabel”: “incident custom field”, “FieldValue”: “” }, { “FieldLabel”: “Project”, “FieldValue”: “” }, { “FieldLabel”: “Priority”, “FieldValue”: “” }, { “FieldLabel”: “Impact”, “FieldValue”: “” } ] }