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Update an Existing Attachment

Method: PUT

Url: /Attachments
Header: DPApiAuthenticationToken={YOUR_API_TOKEN}

Query String: None

Request Body:

Parameter NameData TypeRemarks
AttachmentID (required)IntegerThe ID of the attachment to be updated
ShortDescription (required)StringThe description to be changed.
CustomFieldsList<CustomField>List of custom fields (key-value pair) for this record
Request Example:
PUT “”Header: “DPApiAuthenticationToken=abcxyz0123456789″Body: { “AttachmentID”: 1234, “ShortDescription”: “Test upload from API – Updated”, “CustomFields”: [{“FieldLabel”: “Source”, “FieldValue”:”Email”}] }


The API will return the response as under:

PropertyData TypeRemarks
StatusStringStatus of the request. Either “Success” or “Failure”
MessageStringError messages if the request failed (i.e. Status = “Failure”)
IdIntegerThe ID of the updated record if the request succeeded (i.e. Status = “Success”)
Sample Response:
{ “Status”: “Success”, “Message”: “”, “Id”: 1234 }