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Get Details of a Single Attachment

Method: GET

Url: /Attachments/{AttachmentID} (e.g. /Attachments/1234)
Header: DPApiAuthenticationToken={YOUR_API_TOKEN}

Query String: None

Request Example:
GET “″Header: “DPApiAuthenticationToken=abcxyz0123456789”


The API will return the details of the attachment if the provided AttachmentID is valid, with the following fields:

Column NameData TypeRemarks
AttachmentIDIntegerThe unique ID of the record.
IncidentIDIntegerThe ID of the incident
FileNameStringThe file name
FileTypeStringThe file type
FileUrlStringThe URL of the file
FileStringThe contents of the file in base64 format.
ShortDescriptionStringShort description of the attachment
ImageThumbnailStringA base64 string containing the image thumbnail if the file type is an image
CustomFieldsList<CustomField>List of custom fields (key-value pair) for this record
Sample Response:
{ “AttachmentID”: 709, “FileName”: “Test Blue.jpg”, “DateCreated”: “2020-01-02T16:14:36.79”, “CreatedBy”: “Bhatt, S.”, “File”: “”, “IncidentID”: 342510, “ImageThumbnail”: “”, “FileType”: “image/jpeg”, “FileURL”: “”, “ShortDescription”: “Test Blue.jpg”, “CustomFields”: null }